Ayurvedic cooking class

Do you want to learn to cook tasty and healthy Ayurvedic meals? Moreover, meals which are vegan and therefore suitable for summer? And do you want to lear a lot of interesting and useful information about food – the first pillar of health according to Ayurveda? We will together cook following meals:

  • Palak Tofu – marinated tofu in spinach sauce with Indian bread Chapati, fresh salad
  • Kitcheri – Ayurvedic detoxication meal from Basmati rice and Mung Dal beans
  • Aloo Gobi – potatoes, cauliflower and various vegetables with curry spices, fresh salad
  • Chana Masala – Indian Chick peas with Basmati rice, fresh salad
  • Tofu Butter Masala – tofu v chutnej omáčke s paradajok a korenín, placky “čapati”


18 euro / person / course (including Ayurvedic lunch) or