Evening fifteen minutes´exercise

Have not you manage to exercise in the morning? Do you have office job and stiffen muscules after whole day sitting? Don´t you want to try difficult possitions during exercise? Is your time limited to maximum 15 minutes? If answers on these questions is „yes“, this exercise is exactly for you.

During our 15-minutes exercise:

  • we will practice a deep breathing which increases the capacity of our lungs and oxygenates organisms
  • we will stretch the whole body with emphasis on the spine
  • our exercises will not be too demanding and suitable also for older persons or persons with health restrictions
  • there is no need to have a yoga matt or matress because the exercises will be done in a standing position
  • it will take maximum 15 minutes, so that’s not much of your time.

We will exercise two times a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 pm.

Price: 12 euro / month