Individual consultations

I would like to welcome you also in person and listen to you, whether you have worries about your health or you just need advice about nourishment or physical activity which is appropriate for you. Because all of us are different and for all of us there is something else – not only in your diet but also in other aspects of your life. Before the meeting, I will send you a questionnaire so I can find out which constitutive type you are according to ayurveda (vata, pitta or kapha), which I will check by pulse and by other forms of ayurvedic diagnostics during our meeting . Then we will discuss your diet, your rest time, what you like to do, what is your daily schedule… and step by step, we will get to the unbalances that you are struggling with, both physically and mentally. Based on your constitutive type, I will recommend you food and physical activity that is right for you, and if you need, I will offer you also ayurvedic therapies.

Price: 30 euro / first consultation (60-90 minutes)