Ayurvedic stay

„Ayurvedic stay with Janka was a very nice and balanced „mix“ of pranajama and yoga practising, interesting lectures about Ayurveda, preparations of tasty and healthy meals and practicing of ayurvedic therapies like applying hot sand with salt, ayurvedic marma points´massages and banking. I recommend this to all who care about their health.“

Katarína Kraková

Ayurvedic stay

„I participated at the ayurvedic stay with Janka. I did not know anything about Ayurveda and Yoga before. I have learned many interesting things that are easily applied to everyday life. Besides that, we had a great time and a lot fun. I definitely recommend.“

Ľubica Dumitrescu

Ayurvedic stay

„I have heard a little about Ayurveda before, but the stay with Janka showed me what it means in real life and how much it can help us. In combination with yoga, healthy (and extremely tasty) meals and great people, this stay was unbelievably relaxing experience for my body as well for my soul. I fully recommend it!“

Monika Krištofíková

Ayurvedic stay

„The ayurvedic stay exceeded my expectation. Even though this topic is being discussed a lot, for me it was still unfamiliar. Undoubtedly, I have learned a lot of useful information about Ayurveda. Great meals, lots of fun and regular morning and evening exercises relaxed not only my body but my mind as well.“

Dana Kohútová

Morning exercise

„I practice morning yoga regularly from the beginning of this year and after a few months, I feel the results; they help me with my back pains and are a great start to the day, which is great for my home office and homeschooling two children. I appreciate and admire Janka – her approach and knowledge are awesome.“

Katarína Tihelková

Morning exercise

„Morning and evening yoga with Janka are a great investments for my health. Even the lazy ones will have a routime that takes them out of bed and refreshes after a long day. Regular lectures are a great bonus and I always learn something new.“

Ľubica Dumitrescu

Evening yoga

„I regularly attend yoga with Janka. From my own experience I truly recommend these exercises to everyone who wishes to improve their physical and mental health.“

Mária Farkašová


„After a few lessons of Pranayama I felt an immediate improvement of my breathing, I didn’t run out of breath right after, I could breath properly for longer and I had a sense of cleanse and a progress. I am very glad that I have started with those breathing exercises, I feel better and more positive. I recommend to start with Pranayama as soon as possible as the right breathing and using all of our lung capacity are very important during this pandemic situation, also as a prevention.Thank you Janka, you are doing a great job!“

Jana Rafajová

Morning exercise

„Janka is my daughter, my feedback should be non-subjective, but this is not the case. For 6 years now, I am an oncology patient and Janka is helping me from the beginning, with food and diet tips, various oils that she makes for massages, often by Indian recipes… But what helped me the most is practicing morning yoga. At the beginning I was not doing very well in the exercising, but little by little I feel that I am more physically flexible, I get much less fatigue and I can keep a good balance. The exercises seem easy, but they are doing their job. I am very thankful Janka and for all of this.“

Ľubica Kelleriková

Hormonal yoga

„I like hormonal yoga very much. Individual positions are interlocked to each other continuously and as such it is easy to practice them. Janka´s explanation was very clear, understandable and nice. Description of positions with pictures are sufficient to practice on my own. I wish Janka all the best and I wish her a lot of satisfied clients.“

Zuzana Glogerová