Hormonal yoga

„Thank you for the opportunity to learn principles and correct technique of hormonal yoga. Janka exactly explained us each exercise and classes with her were very pleasant. For me, hormonal yoga is an excelent alternative to combine it with ashtanga yoga.“

Miroslava Lackovičová


„I have also practiced breathing techniques of Pranayama with Janka. These breathing techniques help to extend the lungs´capacity and to strengthen them which I as an asthmatic appreciated very much.“

Miroslava Lackovičová

Ayurvedic detoxication stay

„Ayrvedic stay was very enjoyable and relaxing. I liked all ayurvedic treatments very much but the most I liked the banking and the procedure with hot sand. I have been suffering from a neck-spine pain for a long time but after few treatments I felt an unbelievable improvement and I did not feel any pain nor I did not wake up due to pain in the morning. Lectures about ayurveda and new recipes were very interesting for me. I recommend this stay to everyone who wants to improve both physical and mental health 🙂“

Jana Rafajová

Cooking class

„Class of cooking according to principles of Ayurveda was very pleasant, professional and organized in a family environment that was very kind. The lector is an Indian food lover that influences her cooking classes a lot. Class was held with the love and enthusiasm and the lector gave us a lot of interested information. I account myself experienced chef but despite that fact I learned something new. I absolutely recommend this course. 👍🏻“

Beata Kabelka

School of Ayurveda in the garden

„I attended the School of Ayurveda in the garden and it was very pleasant morning in the nice environment of the garden. I learned a lot of new information about Ayurveda, I experienced breathing techniques Pranayama and tried nose cleaning. I enjoyed the meal prepared by Janka. I highly recommend the School of Ayurveda.“

Renáta Urbanová

Sunday with Ayurveda

„Janka, I’m very happy that you have organized your workshop „Sunday with Ayurveda” in our Atelier Surya and thank you for nice Sunday. You are very nice presenter, we had lovely and calm atmosphere, your workshop was very interesting for me as well for other people and lunch was delicious. I felt very good with you, thank you ❤ „

Andrea Hahnová

Introduction to Ayurveda (YouTube classes)

„Janka, thank you for your YouTube online classes from which I’m learning every day something day . I have already implemented many recommendations from these classes into my life, for example 14-hours fasting period each day or morning massages with sezam oil. Thank you once again, you are perfect! „

Erika Hodermarská

Ayurvedic stay in Betliar

It was full of love, pleasure, practical ayurvedic treatments and Ayurveda in real life. Thank you Janka that you left to India to study Ayurveda and you brought your experience to eastern Slovakia. Good – bye ceromony was full of emontions and even tears – holding hands and looking to eyes was what we need mostly in this age. Thanks to Janka I was able to get new experience, try new healthy food and yoga asanas that are so benefitial for my body and my soul.
Viera Kolpaská

Viera Kolpaská

AYURVEDA & mindfullness CAMP

Janulka, thank you from all my heart that you accepted our invitation to be part of our team in organizing this Camp. You are super profesional – perfect food you have prepared to us, your classes, your approach, your smile and your fascinating Indian stories… I am so happy and I believe it was not the last time we were connected together. I am looking forward to our further events. With love from Kristína Ružičková


Kristína Ružičková